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Fitness and motivation, Health and happiness, workout / March 30, 2016

5 Amazing Effects of Working Out at Lunch


Think being desk bound through your lunch hour will help you get more done? This article might make you change your mind. Check out our 5 positive effects of exercising during your lunch break. 

1. It Improves Productivity (and makes us like our job more!)

A study at Leeds Metropolitan University found some interesting collerations between daytime exercising and workplace self-assesment. 

During the study, 200+ employees at a variety of companies self-reported their performance on a daily basis. They then examined changes within individuals, comparing their assesment on days when they exercised to days when they didn’t.

On days when employees visited the gym, they reported managing their time more effectively, having higher levels of productivity and having smoother interactions with their colleagues. They also reported a higher level of satisfaction at the end of the working day. 

2. It can make you calmer

In a 2008 study, University of Bristol researchers found that employees who worked out during their lunch break or before going to work were better equipped to handle potential issues that may arise during the working day.

Jo Coulson, Research Associate in the University's Department of Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences, said: 

'On exercise days, people's mood significantly improved after exercising. Mood stayed about the same on days they didn't, with the exception of people's sense of calm which deteriorated."

3. It can make you more creative

Need to do some creative problem solving? Moderate cardio exercise has shown to increase creativity for up to 2 hours after the session - so make sure you hot foot it back to your desk sharpish!

4. It can improve colleague relationships

Pushing through and supporting one another during tough workouts can lead to higher levels of happiness in the office, higher morale and more effective teamwork. 

5. It'll make you less likely to call in sick

We all know that regular exercise improves overall health, but a US study also found that exercise can decrease workplace absenteeism. In the study, 79,070 employees in the US completed a health and lifestyle questionnaire. Results showed that annual sickness was lower for those who recorded higher levels of exercise than those who recorded exercising less. 

The most telling correlation was observed between those who said they did no activity and those who did one day of activity per week; non-exercisers had 46% greater absence rates than those who exercised just once a week.

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Tags: Fitness and motivation, Health and happiness, workout


Written by Lisa

Coming from being a professional dancer, I transitioned into fitness because I couldn't stay still! In addition to partner management at MoveUSA, I teach fitness classes throughout NYC and spend my time eating, sleeping and breathing fitness! When not thinking about fitness, I'm taking a business course at FIT NYC. What keeps me motivated? Wanting to live the healthiest life possible and de-stress the natural way ;)

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