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What's Your Best Workout?

Posted by Lisa on Sep 19, 2016 7:14:40 PM

The world of exercise is a fickle one - it seems that every month there's a new craze promising to make you the healthiest, fittest, most awesome version of yourself!

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How to Sleep Better Now

Posted by Lisa on Sep 19, 2016 7:06:57 PM

The amount of training needed for athlete is a major topic of conversation. The focus is usually on the physical tasks, but sleep also plays a major role.

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Full Body Vs. Split Workout: Which Is More Effective?

Posted by Lisa on Sep 19, 2016 6:04:58 PM

When it comes to working out, there's a lot of questions to consider; should I be doing cardio or strength training? How much rest should I be taking?

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Home Upper Body Workout In A Cinch!

Posted by Lisa on Sep 8, 2016 5:57:28 PM

No gym? No problem. You can get a super effective upper body and core workout using just your body (and some household items!) Bodyweight exercises can improve strength and flexibility and can get you fit - fast. We've given you some easy bodyweight exercises for you to create your own workout, check them out below!

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Can Skipping Breakfast Really Change Your Weight?

Posted by Lisa on Sep 8, 2016 5:53:50 PM

If you're not guilty of it yourself, I'm sure you know someone who has skipped breakfast in the hope it might help them control their weight.

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What Is a "Runner's High"?

Posted by Lisa on Sep 8, 2016 5:48:11 PM
Ever hear someone talk about how awesome their last run made them feel? Well it turns out there might be a scientific reason why...
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How Quickly Do We Lose Our Fitness Level When We Don't Work Out?

Posted by Lisa on Sep 1, 2016 1:30:00 PM

Even the most die hard fitness fanatic has skipped a workout at least once, but how many skipped workouts does it take before you start to lose your fitness?

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Which Non-Milk Is All The Moo?

Posted by Lisa on Aug 31, 2016 1:30:00 PM

With the increasing rise of non-dairy milks on the market we've decided to do our own test into which non-milk, milk is the best. 

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10 Reasons To Get Moving!

Posted by Lisa on Aug 30, 2016 6:17:46 PM

We all know we should move more - here's 10 awesome reasons why!

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Could The Reason Why You Want to Exercise Be The Reason You Fail?

Posted by Lisa on Aug 18, 2016 9:19:36 PM

Why do you exercise? To lose weight and get fit? Burn fat? Build muscle? Or just to be healthier? These are some of the most common reasons that people exercise, but surprisingly these 'whys' are not the best reasons to exercise if you want to achieve your goals. 

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