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Food and nutrition / June 27, 2016

Potato Vs. Veggie Chips


Carrots, beetroot, parsnip - it seems they can make chips out of anything these days. But are these seemingly 'healthy' options any more nutritious than your bog standard packet of chips?


There are literally hundreds of different varieties of chips available, so for this post we're going to be comparing Golden Parsnip, Sweet Potato and Beetroot Kettle Chips and snack time favorite, Walkers Ready Salted Chips.


Both contain almost identical amounts of calories, 526 cals per 100g in potato crisps and 523 cals in vegetable chips. (This is around 200cals in a single serving of vegetable chips and 170cals in the same amount of potato chips.) However high calorie doesn't necessarily mean unhealthy...


As we've talked about before, fats aren't always bad for us, in fact some are pretty good. Both types of chips have high levels of fat, which is why they should be eaten in moderation. In this particular variety of vegetable chips there's actually a slightly higher amount of fat than in potato chips, but what's good about both varieties is that they are fairly low in saturated fat which helps your heart stay healthy. 


US guidelines suggest that adults should eat no more than 2300mg of salt per day so vegetable crisps get a tick in the box here with only 0.8g of salt per 100g of chips in comparison to 1.4g in potato chips. 

The Verdict

Chips are great (I mean what else are you supposed to dip into hummus and guacamole?) and should be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

While you can get a small amount of key nutrients from vegetable chips, they are very similar to normal chips so don’t go mad thinking they are super healthy as the amount of key nutrients that survive the process of turning them into crisps is still low. They also shouldn't be used as a substitute to fresh or frozen vegetables! So just think of them like you do potato chips and munch them in moderation. Do you know of any really healthy chips? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Lisa

Coming from being a professional dancer, I transitioned into fitness because I couldn't stay still! In addition to partner management at MoveUSA, I teach fitness classes throughout NYC and spend my time eating, sleeping and breathing fitness! When not thinking about fitness, I'm taking a business course at FIT NYC. What keeps me motivated? Wanting to live the healthiest life possible and de-stress the natural way ;)

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