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Food and nutrition / November 25, 2016

The Low Down On Carbs

The word "carbohydrate" can sometimes seem a dirty one, so often is it tarnished with the reputation as the dieters ultimate nemesis.

However, like all the major macronutrient food groups, carbohydrates makes up a vital part of a healthy and well-balanced diet. Check out this awesome video from TED Ed which explains all about what carbohydrates are and what they do to our bodies.

Always remember that when it comes to nutrition, it's so important to be food aware and investigate to find the real science (or lets us do the digging for you!) before making any changes to your diet. Take all the latest diet crazes with a pinch of salt - sometimes they are little more than overhyped articles created due to an alternative agenda.

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Tags: Food and nutrition


Written by Lisa

Coming from being a professional dancer, I transitioned into fitness because I couldn't stay still! In addition to partner management at MoveUSA, I teach fitness classes throughout NYC and spend my time eating, sleeping and breathing fitness! When not thinking about fitness, I'm taking a business course at FIT NYC. What keeps me motivated? Wanting to live the healthiest life possible and de-stress the natural way ;)

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